25 June 2010

mail enhancement

Be a tree’s BFF when you say bye bye to snail mail and start using Seattle-based start-up Earth Class Mail’s cyber mail services. Here’s how it works: Sign up for an online P.O. box and total control of your mail at the click of a mouse. Every unopened piece of mail is scanned both front and back, bar-coded, and tracked at the stadium-sized Beaverton, OR sorting facility before it arrives digitally in the customer’s online mailbox. Recipients are directed towards a secure website, where they can decide to have their mail opened and scanned, or forwarded, recycled, or archived without ever touching a hard copy. Skeptical of your confidentiality? Employees are screened via a patent-pending security system that called upon the safety smarts of the FBI Cybercrimes Division, among other leading experts. The mail handling facility bans all recording devices like mobile phones, computers or any device that could record or send information. Perfect for jet-setters, business travelers and expatriates who want a consistent mailing address, or those who wish they called a specific zip code home, like Seattle.

Wanna Try?
Earth Class Mail, 93 S Jackson St., Seattle; (206-905-2400). Plans start at $9.95 month plus a $25 set-up fee, with options for singles, couples and small business. Available in 19 major U.S. cities, including Seattle.

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