03 November 2010

good stuff + a gala

Last week, WE tv sent a film crew to Seattle to film yours truly for the WE Do Good Awards Gala in New York City next week (insert loud squeal of excitement here). Of course, Seattle weather could not possibly cooperate, so the majority of the shoot took place inside my home sweet home. (At least I got to rock my flower-print Bogs for the outdoor segments!) It was truly an amazing day, and Loch and Kris made me feel perfectly at ease, sharing personal, and often tear-inducing stories of my volunteer work over the past five months. I cannot wait to see what visual story they tell from our all-day, show/share and tell experience, but have complete confidence that they “got” what volunteerism means to me.

I have loved every minute of my TGCP volunteer experiences (and I’m only half-way through), but it hasn’t all been easy, and a lot of it has been very emotional in nature. I am beyond honored to be recognized for this volunteer project and my volunteer efforts over the past decade by Travelocity, Ladies Home Journal and We tv. I try to imagine how I will feel when I receive this award next week in New York City and it overwhelms and humbles me. This award belongs to everyone who has played a part in making this dream happen and makes an effort to give back. If I’ve learned one thing over the past five months, it’s that it takes very little to provide comfort to another person – we all have the power to be a hero to someone else.

I plan on live tweeting from the WE Do Good Awards Gala, next Tuesday, November 16th, starting at 5:30 EST (@charynpfeuffer). Also, mark your calendars to pick up the January issue of Ladies Home Journal, which features The Global Citizen Project. So much good stuff in the works – thank you.


Connie said...

How exciting! And congrats! I can't think of anyone else deserving so much good stuff for all that you're doing! And if you need some amazing ideas on things to do and places to eat in NYC, check out my post: http://connvoyage.blogspot.com/2010/09/empire-state-of-mind-new-york-new-york.html

Enjoy it honey!

Charyn Pfeuffer said...

Rob - Thank you so much. You've been such an amazing source of support, friendship and strength throughout TGCP. Thank you. Ooh Connie, Thnak you for the NYC post. I grew up near Philly, so I'm fairly NYC savvy, but it's been 7+ years since my last visit, so I'm looking for new ideas. Thank you for this link and thank you for your sweet wishes. xx

Loch said...

Don't worry gang, I made sure there was no "live tweeting" from the event last night. Or did I?

Good seeing you last night Charyn and love where the project is going, the Haiti part and that you are taking Morgan to Costa Rica. Hate to blow your low-fi cover, but hope you had fun at the Trump Plaza while you were here and didn't steal any towels.

Charyn Pfeuffer said...

Loch, I was way too busy to Tweet a thing (but my friends did a fantastic job in my absence with the play-by-play). So good to see you, meet your lovely wife and talk a bit after the awards. Smile. I'm not going to even try and deny it, I enjoyed every single luxurious second of our stay at Trump. Thank you again for making me look so good in the video. xx