15 June 2011

read: tbex 2011 review by go, see, write

Usually, I'm the one who says what everyone else wishes they had the chutzpah to say. Well, Michael Hodson of the blog Go, See, Write beat me to the publishing punch with this spot-on review of this year's TBEX conference in Vancouver, B.C.

"When the guy running the local food cart knows your conference is unorganized, you have a problem" sums up TBEX's dysfunction, although I'd have to put co-founder, Kim Mance's tacky opening remarks pretty high on the list.  During the first few minutes of the weekend-long conference, Mance called out a travel blogger who had demanded the Presidential Suite at a nearby hotel. For free. I've crossed paths with plenty of travel bloggers who behave badly (ditto for PRs), so such a scenario isn't unfathomable.  But, there are two sides to every story, and whether this story is or isn't true, starting a conference on a note of public humilation for one of its attendees is pretty crappy.

Sure, there were many positives to attending TBEX, but for me, the most memorable interactions did not take place within the confines of the conference center. It was about the people and the place, seeing old faces and making new friends. Being in Vancouver for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals was an absolute thrill.  And for those moments, I am grateful. 

But would I do it again? Hmm...I doubt it.

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