20 October 2011

blog post: 10 tips for solo women travelers

Most of the time, I'm flying solo when I travel. Sure, living in Philadelphia and Baltimore stepped up my street smarts, but as a woman, I take extra precautions to keep my eyes on my person, space, and stuff. 
For 13 years, I'd traveled as a writer without incident until this past May when my laptop got stolen.  I got too comfortable too fast in a foreign environment with a total stranger.  Shame on me for letting down my guard so easily; as a savvy traveler I should've known better.
This theft made me rethink my personal safety as a solo woman traveler.  And it served as a reminder that you can take 100+ flights a year, stay in dozens of hotels annually, and think you have all the common sense in the world, yet still slip up. 
Since we could all use a reminder every now and again, here are 10 tips to help keep solo women travelers safe.

Ladies, what are you fave stay safe while traveling tips?

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The Flirty Girl said...

Last year I carried two cell phones while traveling cross country (twice). My primary phone was AT&T and the contract hadn't expired so I picked up a Verizon pay-as-you-go flip phone to increase the chances of always being able to get a cell call out (AAA, 911, family). After driving for hours on I-80 out west with no signal it taught me that having a phone and AAA on a road trip is pretty useless if you can't dial out.