07 May 2010

ground control

Want more from your cuppa joe than a caffeine buzz? Buy your beans from Grounds for Change, a locally-owned coffee biz that sells Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade, Shade Grown Coffee.

Taking sustainability seriously, they teamed up with Carbonfund.org to tally up their carbon footprint and became the first coffee roaster to offset 100% of their global warming emissions produced in the roasting, shipping, marketing, bagging and processing their coffee. Coffee beans don’t exactly grow near the Pacific Northwest, and wrack up some serious mileage on the production and distribution process.

To make their beans even more supreme, Grounds for Change is planting trees for all of the non-renewable energy they use, and opting for renewable energy for the rest. They also participate in 1% For the Planet, giving back 1% of their sales to environmental causes around the globe. My fave blend? Solstice Blend – a sexy dark, dramatic, medium-bodied combo of Latin American, South American and East African beans. Now that’s coffee with a conscience and no bitter aftertaste.

Wanna Try?
Buy online here.
Coyote Coffee, 16174 State Hy 305 NE, Suquamish, (360-394-1800)
Pizza Fusion, 1412 12th Ave, Seattle, (206-709-8400)

Small Changes Add Up
If 10,000 Seattleites bought a carbon offset on a round-trip flight from Sea-Tac to Brazil, the largest coffee producer in the world, it would offset 2.29 tons of CO2.

Photo courtesy of Datenhamster.org

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