19 May 2010

luck of the drew

Drew Stone launched AGS Custom Interiors in 2007 as a crafty solution for remodeling waste. Starting with waste-paint, Stone rethinks the traditional artist’s palette with repurposed interior and trim paint, packing paper and recycled Jute, hemp and burlap coffee bags from Caffé Vita.

Stone typically juggles between 10 paintings at a time, describing his style as abstract, “in an emotive way.” He enjoys doing landscapes in watercolor and carving Valentine cards out of linoleum. Other favorite recycled items that find their way into Stone’s work are: nautical charts, bus transfers, words and passages from discarded books and pamphlets, and discarded raffle tickets. He looks forward to doing a project with a beloved or nostalgic wallpaper design that is going to be removed for a remodel. “The piece would end up as a memento of how the house had been originally. I'm just waiting for some client to give me those conditions,” shares Stone.

He can accept donations of paint that is low or zero-VOC, but specifically seeks bright and unusual colors. Murals are a no no – “Traveling back and forth to a client's work site is not environmentally sensitive. I do work that can be hung and moved along with redecorating and changes to furniture placement,” says Stone.

Wanna Try?
AGS Custom Interiors, 802 6th Avenue South, Suite 8, Seattle; (206-310-2523). Small paintings starts at $50-70, custom work starts at a base rate of 4200 for a 1’x1’ piece. Gift certificates are available from $50-2000.

Stone’s work is also on display at:
Home Body, Eco-Luxe Living, 416 1/2 Washington Street SE, Olympia
thinkspace, 8201 164th Ave NE, Redmond
Roche Bobois, 1015 Western Avenue, Seattle
William Factory Small Business Incubator, 1423 East 29th Street, Tacoma
Juice It, 725 Pike Street, 16 A, Seattle, WA

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