01 September 2010

needed: usb thumb drives

If any of my lovely readers have any spare USB thumb drives lying around, I’d love for you to send them my way.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Nine 2MG+ thumb drives (for my 9 remaining projects). I’d like to be able to transfer all photos and videos taken during the course of the project to a thumb drive and leave it with the volunteer program host. Everybody likes instant gratification, right? The chances me actually uploading images to a program’s Picasa or Flickr site are pretty slim, and besides, my at-home internet connection doesn’t like it very much when I try to upload large quantities of images.

Many of the programs I’m volunteering with would benefit from any kind of additional virtual storage space, so thumb drives of any size would be appreciated.

If you have extra cyber storage to spare, feel free to drop it in the mail to moi at:

Charyn Pfeuffer
1752 NW Market Street, #432
Seattle, WA 98107

100 thanks in advance.

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