28 November 2009

slow saturday

It's been a slow day in fundraising-ville. I know launching The Global Citizen Project the day before Thanksgiving was going to pose some logistical issues, but rest assured, I am gearing up for an all-out friend, family, and social media outreach effort on Monday. I've dusted off my event planning/fundraising skills (honed while volunteering for four years at the Women's Cancer Resource Center in Oakland, CA on the annual "Swim a Mile" event) and I'm ready to make the wish of volunteering with 12 projects in 12 countries over 12 months a reality. I admit, it's one heckuva ambitious plan, but if you know me, you know one of my resume builder's is making things happen. I am committed to making this happen and hope that you show your support and pledge as little as $1 to the big picture. Thank you.

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