24 November 2009

yay. i got a kickstarter invite

I got a Kickstarter invite thanks to Rick Marson and the Nancy Drew-esque power of the Google. I'd been scouting for an invite on Twitter for a good 48 hours, when I decided to search the Blogosphere for some kind-hearted, invite-wielding souls.

Well, I stumbled upon Marson's blog, shot him a comment and within a few short hours had a reply and an invite in my trusty inbox. Wow. And thank you. Here's wishing Marson lots of luck with his super spooky iPhone app project. (I'll post details once he's up and running on Kickstarter.)

Anyway, I'm going to jump into the deep end of the pool sans water wings (at least metaphorically) and hope to post my plans for the The Global Citizen Project on Kickstarter tonight. I'm ready to make this happen. Sit tight and stay tuned -- I have a feeling this is going to be a fun, fulfilling ride.

1 comment:

Some Hardware Guy said...

I don't suppose that means you have an invite you'd be willing to send me? ;)