07 May 2011

elizabeth gilbert says goodbye to 'eat, pray, love'

The bestselling memoirist makes an official farewell to the book that made her a star.  Read the full story on The Atlantic here.


Anonymous said...

"She oozes earnestness that is both refreshing and rattling in the age of snark." - Atlantic

I love Elizabeth Gilbert for this very reason. But respect her more for walking away from the limelight at the height of her popularity. Smart women know how to re-invent themselves time and time again. As you yourself must have.

Thanks for the article.

Charyn Pfeuffer said...

You are welcome! I can't imagine this was an easy decision for EG to make, which makes it even more inspiring. I hope she is able to soak up all the goodness she's created in the/her world and enjoy some down time.