30 August 2010

september project preview | sumak kawsay yachay | salasaca, ecuador

Where: Salasaca is located in the Tungurahua Province in the center of Ecuador, halfway along the road from Ambato to Baños.

What: Sumak Kawsay Yachay (SKY) is a privately-funded Ecuadorian foundation committed to assisting and supporting educational programs throughout the country.

Currently SKY is heavily involved with Katitawa School, a bilingual Kitchwa- and Spanish-speaking school for children aged between two and 12 in Tungurahua province. They also run a library in Salasaca, where young people can read, be read to, learn computer skills, and participate in arts projects and summer schools.

Significance: I’ve wanted to go to Ecuador since I met a couple honeymooning in Puno, Peru with a home there. SKY’s program seems like very well-rounded program set up to create lifelong success for its students.

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