05 February 2010

123 backers can't be wrong. here are the five latest. (thank you.)

Here's the deal. I have 17 days left to make it to my $20,000 fundraising goal. for The Global Citizen Project. If I don't make my goal, the project doesn't happen, I don't receive a cent and I won't be able to serve and bring awareness to 12 causes/communities around the world. Believe me, I'm going to everything I can to make my goal, but I need your help. (Under normal circumstances, I suck at asking for help, but I am officially asking for your help.) Please join the 123 people who have believed in TGCP and pledged $9,535 so far. I thank each and every one of you for all that you've done and all that you'll continue to do to support TGCP, including the five latest backers:

Sabrine M. Rodems, sassy winemaker for Wrath Wines. I met this dynamo of a gal while living on the Monterey Peninsula and all I can say is that she was wearing a red bustier while giving a wine lecture the first time we met. Meow.

Erin Petrie, fantastic Seattle publicist for Green Rubino and fellow dog enthusiast. One of the sweetest gals you'll ever meet and total breath of fresh air/PR competency when I moved back to Seattle.

Liz Preston, business consultant at ADP VirtualEdge. Oh gawd, where to begin with this woman - our roots run long and deep, one of the funniest people you will ever meet.

Deborah Fortune Walton, one of the principals behind Fortune PR is a San Francisco Bay Area-based public relations firm, formed in 1986, specializing in media relations for the restaurant and specialty food product and beverage industries. Killer Bay Area client list.

Winnona Scott Gaviglio - Nice to meet you!

You all rock. Thanks for your pledge love. XO

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