16 February 2010

break it down

So, I got all mathematical and graphed the progress of The Global Citizen Project and learned some interesting stats:

Of the 144 people who've backed more than $11,000:
  • 33% are men
  • 67% are women
I know 67% of the people who've given to TGCP, but one-third of the project has been backed people I do not know.

It's pretty cool to think I moved nearly 50 perfect strangers to believe in my project and make a donation, don't you?

So my million dollar question (actually, $8,909 question) is: What will it take to get the people that I do know, yet who have not pledged to give? I'm counting on you, along with the kindness of strangers, to help make TGCP a success -- all over the next 6 days. No pressure (wink).

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