20 February 2010

upping the reward ante

Hacienda Tres Rios Resort, Spa & Nature Park, Riviera Maya, México  has added (2) one hour massages to the already kick you-know-what two night, Endless Luxury, all-inclusive stay they donated. The value of the two night stay is $1440 without the two massages and it's available with a $695 pledge to The Global Citizen Project. Hello, deal! Here are the details about the stay - and yes, I've stayed here and can whole-heartedly recommend it.

Chef/owner Michael Jones of Cachagua General Store in Carmel Valley, CA has also thrown something pretty awesome into the reward mix. Michael has already pledged TGCP, rallied his entire family to pledge TGCP, rallied friends near and far to pledge TGCP and donated dinner for two at his restaurant. Tonight, he offered up dinner for two , including wine from Dan Lee of Morgan Winery fame for anyone who pledges $100 or more. If you can get to Carmel Valley, I cannot recommend Michael's restaurant enough. It's more than a meal - it's an experience, and if you're a foodie, one not to be missed. Here's everything you need to know about why the Store is my fave restaurant on the Monterey Peninsula - and well beyond the (831) area code.

Big huge thanks to Hacienda Tres Rios and Michael Jones for believing in my project and for sweetening some already sweets deals.

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