18 February 2010

three days to go. 65% funded. just passed $13k mark.


I would not ask for your help unless I really believed that I could help a whole lot of people with The Global Citizen Project, both via physical volunteer service and the pre/during/post power of the pen/keyboard. So far, 161 people have believed in my project and have pledged more than $13,000 toward the $20,000 goal. Countless people have shared the project via word-of-mouth, social networks and some of the kindest emails, phone calls, letters, and words I've ever received. I have 3 days left to raise the remaining funds or else I will have to give back the more than $13,000 raised so far and The Global Citizen Project will not happen and the past 87 days will have been for naught.

I am not good at asking for help, but I need it now. If you've already pledged TGCP, thank you. Please consider increasing your pledge (if you are able) and spreading the last minute word. If you haven't pledged, please go to my fundraising page on Kickstarter and make a pledge ASAP. Your credit card will not be charged unless the project is fully funded by 4:15 PST on Monday, February 22, but I need you to go to the site and pledge. I have hundreds of dollars in verbal promises, which won't help the cause unless they are processed via Kickstarter by 4:15 PST on Monday, February 22.

Pledge HERE.

Here's why you should pledge The Global Citizen Project.

Thank you for all that you've done to get me to this point and everything you will do to help The Global Citizen Project succeed. I have too much invested in this for it to fail and too many people counting on my help. Please help me make this happen and I promise, I will take you on one heckuva virtual/vicarious volunteering adventure for the year.

With love and thanks,

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