16 February 2010

56% funded and five days to go!

Thank you to the 146 people who have pledged $11,176 towards The Global Citizen Project. I have FIVE DAYS LEFT to get this project funded or else it DOES NOT HAPPEN and I need your help. Thanks go out this Tuesday afternoon to TGCP's latest backers:

Monica Bhide, author of Modern Spice: Inspired Indian Flavors for the Contemporary Kitchen (Simon & Schuster, 2009 with a foreword by Mark Bittman). You can follow Monica on Twitter here.

Kelly Chamberlin, sassy San Francisco publicist behind my fave collection of boutique hotels, Personality Hotels. Kelly also comes up with the most creative hotel packages like Hello, "Spin, Whip & Sprinkle," "It's a Ruff Life," and "Love Him or Leave Him."

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP STILL AVAILABLE! The Global Citizen needs at least two people, business, etc. to each sponsor one month of The Global Citizen Project (realistically to make my funding goal by FEB 22). You pick the project, I do the volunteer work. Everyone feels warm and fuzzy. I'm applying for 501(c)(3) status as soon as TGCP is funded, so if all goes as planned, it will be a retroactively, tax-deductible donation.

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