24 February 2010


I'm still in shock over the dramatics of the last week of funding for The Global Citizen Project. Thank you again for being part of the three most inspiring months of my life. I have the makings of a post-play report running through my head, but still processing the past 90 days and how it will affect the next year plus (and inevitably, beyond) of my life. I slept in today (until 10 a.m.), filed my daily deadline, then started sorting out and packing backer rewards items. Of the 223 people who backed The Global Citizen Project, 139 people claimed rewards, so it will take a few days to gather mailing addresses, pack up items and get these on their merry way. Right now, it looks like the U.S.P.S. and Office Depot barfed in my dining room. I hope to have all reward items mailed out within the week. As soon as all of the administrative details are out of the way, I will move onto the meat of the project. In the meantime, please bear with me as I try to ease life back to a semi-civilized pace and take a step back from the full court social media press (at least for a few days). Tonight, I finally had the energy to raise a glass with my boyfriend, Morgan to the success of TGCP and to all of the people who collaborated, showed kindness and never stopped cheerleading for the cause. I thank you all with all of my heart. XO

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