08 February 2010

the "f" word

If The Global Citizen Project is not 100% funded by February 22nd, the project will fail and I have to give back every cent raised over the past 77 days (more than $10,000). Yes, I said it. I don't think everyone realizes that this is an all-or-nothing scenario and I haven't been eating, breathing and dreaming TGCP around the clock for nearly three months for it not to succeed. I have way too many people to help and counting on me for this not to succeed.

Surely, the impact I'll have on countless people is worth more than the few bucks you can pledge, right?  I have 13 days left to fund this project -- that's it, that's all. If you've been thinking about making a pledge -- PLEASE DO IT NOW. Thank you to the 128 people have believed in my volunteer project and to the many more (fingers crossed) who will join the effort. Thank you, all. XO

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