09 February 2010

if you get 25% of your funding on kickstarter, you have 90% chance of getting the rest

"If you get 25% of your funding on Kickstarter, you have 90% chance of getting the rest."
Kickstarter co-founder, Yancy Strickler

The Global Citizen Project is 51% funded with 12 days to go. Please don't let me fail. I need to raise about $9,700 or $800 per day. Please help me do this.

Right now, I want to thank the latest backers who believe in The Global Citizen Project and the impact I can have around the world:

Andrew Collins, About.com Guide to Gay & Lesbian Travel. We live one state apart, but our travel paths only seem to cross in places like Colorado Springs and Santa Barbara. (Not that I'm complaining.) You can follow Andrew on Twitter here.

Buzzy Gordon, another travel writer friend met in Antigua (on not such a great press trip), just completed writing the first Frommer's Jerusalem Day by Day Guide, to be published in 2010 by Wiley & Co.

Garren Katz and NW for Haiti. Garren is a kind-hearted new friend who also appreciates good food, wine and friends. (We'll get along just fine.) He managed to organize and execute the NW for Haiti event a few weekends ago at The Vineyard Table and raised more than $3,000 for YELE, Doctors Without Borders and The Global Citizen Project with the help of more than a few generous, wine-loving souls. You can follow Garren on Twitter here
Rich Lucas, talented screenwriter friend from Philly whom I've known for more than a decade (wow). I haven't seen Rich in ages, but love hearing about his travels and travails, and have my fingers crossed to see one of his scripts on the big screen someday.

Juliana (I think I know who this is, but need to confirm before I start outing backers.)

Isoul Harris, Atlanta's Managing Editor of  944 magazine, also known as Ver Sach, we met on one of the all-time best press trips to Costa Rica last year and I am itching to travel with our group, "V" again. When you find a travel writer dynamic that works, it's best to cross travel paths again. In the meantime, I enjoy the groups' company immensely via Facebook and Twitter. You can follow Isoul on Twitter here.

Mary A. Harris, Isoul's supermama. We haven't met, but if we did, I've give her a high five for raising such a classy kid with a heart of pure gold. I mean it.

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