22 February 2010

giving thanks. 96% funded. 16 hours to go.

Whew. It’s been one heckuva whirlwind of a day. My apologies for keeping this brief, but I am in overdrive (and sleep deprived) trying to get the last bit of funding nailed down for The Global Citizen Project.

Here’s what you need to know: Thirty-four people pledged The Global Citizen Project today. TGCP is now 96% funded - $19,137 has been pledged toward the $20,000 goal. I have until 4:15 p.m. PST TODAY (Monday, February 22, 2010) to make this goal or I do not receive a cent.

Here are the 34 people who made my day with all kinds of last minute generosity. Eleven of these people are repeat pledgers and are indicated with a star. (I hope got all the stars right – please let me know if I accidentally skipped someone!)

Thank you to these wonderful people! So far, 213 people have pledged The Global Citizen Project. Thank you to each and every one of you. XO

Amanda Lipnack *
Annie Drury
Chelsea Lin
Christine Bottaro
Colleen Stephens *
Courtney Johnston
Cynthia J. Cecil
Daryl Darko Barnett
Dave Harrhy
David Volk
Denise Dube *
Dylan Lowe
Erica Yamauchi
Garren Katz *
Gena Oppenhein
Greg Johnson *
Janelle Nanos
Jen Amato *
Jennifer Everhart *
Jennifer Pham
Johnica Reed
Kirsten Graham *
Linares Plumbing *
Liz Lewis
Malin Lindelow
Michelle Kuhlman
Raquel Segura *
Rob Vogt *
Ryan Bello
Tim Leffel
Valentina Vitols
Viv Draward *
Wendy Hartley *

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