23 January 2010

letter of recommendation

Charyn is an outstanding steward of community service in her provision of her gentle spirit, time and good will. I can't say enough to underscore the merits of Charyn's good intentions and capacity for volunteering. I happen to know first hand as I met Charyn when she was a volunteer at the Women's Cancer Resource Center in Berkeley, California in 2000.

I was the Volunteer Coordinator and interviewed Charyn to be of support to women with cancer. I quickly learned of Charyn's personal and intimate catalyst to the giving of her time in this specific field of cancer as her own mother died of cancer when Charyn was a teenager. Charyn was profoundly affected not only with grief, loss and a permanent altering of her family structure, but also because Charyn experienced first hand what it was like to witness and experience hardship. I feel this softened and carved out Charyn to the amazing women she is today. I also see it as a prominent presence behind her many acts of selfless giving - whether it be of her time, her compassionate nature, her exceptional skill and ability to capture the essence of life in the written word or with practical resources. While Charyn's resilient and committed nature has been partially affected by her personal experience, it certainly does not start or end there. Her commitment to volunteering is humbling - and something I have admired within Charyn since the day I met her 10 years ago.

Charyn has moved me to my core with her intention and passion to be of global service with The Global Citizen Project. It takes a very unique, courageous and phenomenal person with the mind, energy and gumption to take this on. Very few people I know could do it - but there is no doubt in my soul that Charyn is one.

I feel honoured to contribute what I can to support Charyn - and I hope you can as well. If it isn't me working alongside Charyn in this capacity, then the next logical step is to support of of the most kind hearted, committed and selfless woman that I know to make it happen.

Tammy Dyson, MSW, RSW
Vancouver, BC Canada

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