11 January 2010

41 days to go. $4,233 raised so far. still need $15,767.

A few thank you’s are in order today for the five latest backers of The Global Citizen Project:


Carolyn Powers-Barr, the blogger behind "A Chocolate Covered To Do List," Foodista.com intern, and recent University of Washington Communication grad (in need of a job, hint hint). You can follow Carolyn on Twitter here.

Dave Nevins, Director of Visitor Services at Sitka Convention & Visitors Bureau. Our paths crossed in May 2009 when I visited (and fell in love with) Southeast Alaska for the first time. You can follow Dave on Twitter here.

Renee Brincks, dear writer and editor friend I met while living on the Monterey Peninsula. Her friendship and creative company made living in "the land of the newlywed and nearly dead" possible and I'm so proud of her for making the big city move to San Francisco. They are lucky to have you. You can follow Renee on Twitter here.

Robin Vogt, new friend from Connecticut with lots of creative background-y kind of things in common. You can follow Robin here.

56 backers. 41 days to go. $4,233 raised towards the $20,000 goal! Thank you to everyone who has pledged The Global Citizen Project so far. I really appreciate all your kindness, support and generosity! xo

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