10 January 2010

hit the $4k mark. yay.

I'll admit it. I was $17 shy of the $4,000 mark for the better part of this weekend and managed to check my BlackBerry no less than 20 times an hour in hopes of a backer who'd put me over that milestone. Well, news of that backer arrived in my trusty inbox this morning and it was my winemaker friend, Dan Tudor of Tudor Wines. Dan makes incredible Santa Lucia Highland and Anderson Valley Pinot Noirs, as well some lovely wines with his second label, Radog Wines. Our paths crossed while I was living on the Monterey Peninsula and I wrote press material for Dan every time his wine would rack up a new award. (It was often.) Thanks to Dan, The Global Citizen Project is now at $4,083.

There are 42 days left to reach my $20,000 goal or the project will not happen. Please pledge what you can, because every single dollar is a step towards making my dream to volunteer with 12 projects around the world a reality. Remember: It's a winner-take-all scenario -- I don't make my goal, your credit card isn't charged. Thanks again to everyone -- your enthusiasm and support is inspiring.

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