13 January 2010

media mention: jianantonic the perpetual traveler

Thank you to travel writer, Meg Massie, a.k.a. Jianantonic for the post today on her The Perpetual Traveler blog, "Consider This Cause: The Global Citizen Project."  I really appreciate your support of The Global Citizen Project and this wonderfully well-written piece "gets" my vision. I've traveled with Meg before, so her smart-as-a-whip perspective doesn't surprise me. Thank you.

I have a long list of thank yous to compile tonight, but in the meantime, The Global Citizen Project now has 62 amazing backers, $4,593 pledged towards the $20,000 goal and 40 days to go. Who can help get me to the $5,000 milestone. (If you've been playing along, you know how much I like round numbers.) Thanks to everyone for all that you've done and all that you'll do to help make my dream of 12 volunteer projects a reality.

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