26 January 2010

new backer reward - complete line of kyoku from men - luxury japanese grooming line

Designed specifically for men’s skin by Asim Akhtar, Kyoku for Men products combine cutting-edge skincare technology with effective natural ingredients, such as ginseng, green tea leaf, bamboo, chamomile and avocado oil.

Kyoku for Men incorporates ancient Japanese knowledge of the active properties in natural extracts with up to the minute scientific research, resulting in the ultimate luxury grooming line for the active urban lifestyle.

Exfoliating Facial Scrub ($49 value)
Volcanic ash, adzuki bean powder, rice bran, walnut shells, and goat’s milk combine to deep clean and smooth away dead skin cells and remove excess oil.
Daily Facial Cleanser ($29 value)
Ginseng, camellia leaf, peppermint, calendula, sunflower oil, and oat straw extract work together in penetrating pores and creating a clean, healthy environment that promotes skin cell regeneration
Razor Repair Balm ($34 value)
Chamomile, witch hazel, aloe vera, and ancient Japanese oils team up to combat post-shave inflammation, reducing the appearance of bumps and redness.
Oil Control Lotion ($49 value)
Unique dual action microparticles absorb excess oil, leaving the skin shine free and fully hydrated.
Facial Moisturizer (SPF 15) ($49)
Bamboo, avocado oil, green tea leaf, aloe vera, plankton, and vitamin E combine to keep skin looking young, protected and extraordinarily smooth.
Lip Fuel (SPF 15) ($12.50)
A combination of three organic butters, avocado oil, green tea leaf and peppermint to soften and energize lips.

($202.50 total value)

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