04 January 2010

causes, communities and commitments

I try to live my life without too much attachment to any one particular outcome. I learned long ago that you can only control so much in this world, and even then, there are still no guarantees. It doesn’t mean that sometimes, there aren’t certain scenarios that I really, really want – like kissing my 7th grade crush on the ski lift during a school trip (it resulted in a broken arm), conquering my fear of baking (a seemingly simple Bon App├ętit sticky bun recipe once resulted in $120 of groceries and having to go out for bagels), and right now, the success of The Global Citizen Project.

Sure, I’ve been 100% hell bent and committed to making this project happen since the moment I launched it on Kickstarter.com. As I commit to specific causes and communities, the emotional investment only increases and the project only intensifies in personal meaning. There has been such an incredible outpouring of support for my project from both friends and kind-hearted strangers (a.k.a. new friends), which has further fueled my intent to succeed and share the volunteer experiences with the world.

What started out as a one year freelancing “time out” to put my talent to good has rapidly evolved into something far greater. It’s made me further re-evaluate my life and how I want to live in this world. It’s also made me realize that I’m in a very fortunate position to use my voice and platform as an established and esteemed journalist to help raise awareness of the causes and communities I plan to serve. If The Global Citizen Project comes to fruition, it will inevitably change my life in ways I never imagined, the lives I touch in a volunteer capacity, as well as a wide audience of readers. I’m giddy and excited and open to all of the possibilities of change it could bring and would like to think its impact could be limitless.

I have 48 days left to reach my funding goal of $20K to make The Global Citizen Project happen. Right now, I have $3,281 in pledges (16%). If the project is not fully funded by 4:15 p.m. on February 22, 2010 it will not happen. Kickstarter will not charge your credit card for any pledges made unless the project is fully-funded, so you can pledge now and pay later. (I know money is tight for a lot of folks, especially right after the holidays.) I ask you to please give anything you can. Donations start at $1 and every single bit helps the big picture effort. Big hugs and thanks you for all that's you've done and continue to do to help make The Global Citizen Project a success. I couldn't do it without you. xo

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