02 January 2010

picking up speed

The Global Citizen Project is rockin' and rollin' with new backers! It's managed to pick up $725 in pledges over the past five days, bringing the total pledge amount to $3,281 (or 16% of the $20K goal). Wow. I have 51 days to go and hope you will help me reach my goal, whether you pledge money, tell a friend, retweet my cyber-pleas for help or simply pass along the link to my blog. The success of this project depends upon both my commitment and passion and your support (in all its various, wonderful forms), so if you believe in volunteer travel, let's work together to make 12 volunteer projects happen in 12 countries. I'm typically not a resolution kinda gal, but if I had to make one (it is a new decade afterall, and I do like big, round numbers), it would be to ensure the smashing success of The Global Citizen Project.

Since I'm talking teamwork, I'd like to take a quick moment to thank The Global Citizen Project's latest backers:

Sascha Stokes, UK travel writer

Sally Clasen, Travel writer, and dare I say, dear new friend? We met traveling in Costa Rica earlier this year and reconvened in Park City, Utah for the opening of Dakota Mountain Lodge & Golden Door Spa.

Anne-Marie Kovacs, Lifestyle and trend watcher

Hakim Sayyed-Terry, Illustrator and designer

Thank you all (plus The Global Citizen Project's 29 other backers) for being part of what has so far been one heckuva inspiring ride. 51 days to go--let's keep it going!

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