29 January 2010

wow. thank you. the global citizen project is at $7,040. 23 days to go.

This Friday afternoon/early evening has been rocking with donations for The Global Citizen Project. Sending out big cyber love, high fives and hugs to the latest backers who helped push me over the $7k mark!

Thank you:

Amanda Kennedy, longtime friend from Hillside Elementary School whom I haven't seen in way too many years.

Colin Baugh & Erica George, newly engaged friends, Julian Serrano ain't got a thing on Erica's paella, Colin is Mr. Cocktail Extraordinaire and one of Seattle's top public relations pros. The Baugh/George duo is one of my fave couples to pow wow with -- especially on school nights.

Wendy Harvey, the public relations force behind The Fairmont Kea Lani, dear friend, and mama to the best-behaved, most well-mannered pre-teen daughter I've ever met. I often wish there wasn't an ocean between us, because everytime I see or hear from Wendy, I appreciate our growing friendship more and more.

I have 23 days left to fund The Global Citizen Project or else the project will not happen and I won't receive a cent. I need to raise between $500-600 per day for the next 23 days, so please help spread the word. If you feel so inclined, I've included some sample text you can cut and paste to your blogs and social media outlets. Feel free to tweak as you wish -- I'm just trying to make life as easy as possible for those who want to help.

Sample Facebook/Blog text
Help professional travel journalist, Charyn Pfeuffer swap her BlackBerry for a backpack and volunteer with 12 community projects in 12 countries over 12 months for The Global Citizen Project. She has 23 days left to raise $20,000 and if TGCP is not fully funded, the project will not happen and she will not receive a cent. So far, nearly 100 people have believed in TGCP and have pledged close to $7k. Donations start at $1 and there are several tokens of gratitude being offered for different levels of pledges. She hasn’t gotten this far without tremendous amounts of collaborative kindness and support and thanks you in advance for any donations to TGCP. http://globalcitizenproject.blogspot.com

Sample Tweet
Journo @global_gourmet is giving up a year to volunteer for 12 causes/12 communities/12 months. http://tinyurl.com/yamtr4y #kickstarter

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