07 January 2010

live near boston? pledge tgcp and get a free beer

A big thank you to my former boss from my college/Donna’s Coffee Bar days in Baltimore, Frank McLaughlin, for generously pledging The Global Citizen Project. Frank now lives in Massachusetts and owns Watch City Brewing Company in Waltham (about 10 miles northwest of Boston and billed as “the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution”).  Frank has generously offered to give a FREE BEER to anyone who pledges ANY amount of money to The Global Citizen Project. Pledges start at $1.

From Watch City Brewing Company’s website:

Welcome to Watch City Brewing Company. As both a restaurant and brewery it is at the core of a vibrant dining scene in the Metrowest. Since 1996 it has consistently provided its customers with fresh, handcrafted beer and intensely appetizing and delicious meals. Watch City beer is highly regarded on both a local and national level, winning distinctions for a number of the styles produced at it's Moody St. locale. Much like the jeweled pocket watches this city once manufactured, there's a professional respect for the craftmanship of it's Brew Master, Aaron Mateychuk. The beer is always satisfying and never sparing for flavor or character.

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