16 January 2010

thank yous. or the reasons why tgcp is now at $5,473.

I'm doing my best to stay on top of thanking everyone on a daily (read: timely) basis, so my apologies in advance for the delays today, I'm thrilled to report that The Global Citizen Project is now 27% funded with 37 days to go. I've been on a incredible tear with fundraising and need the momentum to continue to each the  $20,000 goal by the February 22, 2010 deadline. Right now, I have a lot of great media/articles in the works, but still need your word-of-mouth help and social media outreach to get the word out. If TGCP doesn't reach the $20k mark, I don't receive a single cent and the project will not happen. So, even if you can only pledge $5, every dollar counts towards the big picture goal. I appreciate everything you've all done to help me so far and everything you'll continue to do. Thank you.

Thanks are in order for these wonderfully generous and supportive people:

Tamara Gunnerson – dear friend I met while living on the Monterey Peninsula. I've missed her wine-swillign company tremendously since I moved north and she headed south, but think of her, her fabulously talented photo hubby, Steve, and their their sweet dogs often.

Esther Kaplan – a woman I met via Kickstarter who has similar plans to take on the world via volunteer travel. She made her first dent with a recent trip to Vietnam.

Mark McLaren

Daniel Jones – A member of Michael Jones' amazing family.

David Jones - I'm betting you are part of the Michael Jones clan. Can you confirm?

Charles Lem – my pseudo brother-in-law, fellow avid traveler, dog lover, foodie and man on the Los Angeles town.

Jennifer Everhart – a dear friend, sassy gal and voice of positive change going back to my Baltimore days. Jenny's also the other half of the fab Everhart duo with my equally longtime friend, artist Tom Everhart. I love these two immensely and am grateful we’ve kept in touch for nearly two decades, although I don’t get down to Venice, CA nearly enough to see them. (But when I do, it's always like we haven't skipped a beat.)

Nan Massie – kind-hearted mother of travel writer friend, Maggie Massie Myers.

Gail Phillips – my significant other’s wonderful mother in Pittsburgh, PA.

Aye, Jack and Emma of Got Passport. This wonderful family is new in my world and I'm grateful that our paths crossed via the Twitterverse and like-minded causes and inspirations. They have plans this summer to pack up from Texas and move to Thailand to pursue a life as "Location Independent Professionals." Google it. It's a concept/lifestyle I can fully subscribe to. They write an engaging/informative/inspiring blog here or you can follow the "Empire of Three" on Twitter here.

Thank you all so, so, so much for believing in me and The Global Citizen Project. xo

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