07 January 2010

media mention: the vacation gals + four new backers

Big thank you to The Vacation Gals for today’s article on The Global Citizen Project. I first crossed paths with this fabulous trio of women – Kara Williams, Jennifer Miner and Beth Blair – a few years back at Travel Media Showcase in Palm Springs, CA. They went on to become part of the award-winning Traveling Mamas, before founding The Vacation Gals, an online resource for expert advice on family travel, girlfriend getaways, romantic escapes, plus travel gear, travel tips and giveaways. Thank you ladies for your kindness and support!

It’s been a busy Thursday morning/afternoon in The Global Citizen Project pledgeland and I am thrilled to have four new backers:

The Vacation Gals

Johnny Jet, Travel portal featuring travel websites, travel deals, travel guides, travel tips, weekly travel newsletter with up-to-date travel information, and more. I'd been privy to Johnny Jet for quite some time via cyber circles, but had the pleasure of traveling with him and one of the best press groups ever to The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua on Maui in October 2009.

Amanda Lipnack, a friend I recently reconnected with via Facebook from the Conestoga High School days, who happens to be a big Seattle fan. (Hint hint: come visit!) Big congrats again to her on her recent engagement. (P.S. Calling all Ireland recommendations from my travel writer friends for her honeymoon.)

Kirsten Graham, one of Seattle's most whipsmart publicists, specializing in culinary and literary publicity. She's also a friend and one of my fave people to play happy hour (or any dining experience, really) with.

As of this afternoon, 41 wonderful backers have pledged $3,488 towards my $20,000 goal. Thank you! I have 46 days, or until 4:15 p.m. on February 22, 2010, to reach my funding goal or else The Global Citizen Project will not happen. I can reach this goal many ways, but if every one of my Facebook friends pledged $26 or if every one of my Twitter followers gave $12, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Either way, I'm committed to making my funding goal even if I have to wrangle 16,512 $1 pledges. xo

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