01 December 2009

$5 away from $800. oh yeah.

What a way to start a Tuesday! I got two new backers for The Global Citizen Project - Gary from Anchorage, AK and Amanda. The total towards my $20K goal is now $795. Yay! Not bad considering I launched the project seven days ago I'm and just picking up steam in my outreach efforts. Please keep the pledge love coming!

In other news, Gregory Hubbs, the editor of TransitionsAbroad.com retweeted the details of The Global Citizen Project late last night. Thank you. I'm very flattered, since TransitionsAbroad.com is one the best resources for work and study abroad opportunities. It also fuels my fantasy to pack up and move to South America and live in an Airstream. (A girl can have simple dreams, right?)

Thanks again to everyone who's pledged The Global Citizen Project. I really appreciate it. And, P.S. even if you aren't able to pledge (I know times are tough and it's the holidays), if you like what I'm doing, please pass the word along. That would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

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