06 December 2009

media kitty, karikuy and matador network (holy trinity of this weekend's good news)

Whew. A lot has happened in the past few days. The Global Citizen Project hasn’t seen much financial love since its last $1,000 pledge, but has been getting an abundance of feedback, suggestions and media interest. Thank you to everyone who has donated, visited my blog/Kickstarter site, or spread the word about the project. If this project happens, it's because of you.

Media Kitty, my go-to travel industry resource for connecting media with related business professionals, highlighted me in its Friday newsletter, as its “Member Shout Out.” It is a huge honor to be recognized amongst my travel media peers and I want to thank Morgan Sommerville for making it happen.

Late last week, I also got word from Julie Schwietert, managing editor of Matador Network, that a student in its travel writing school will be doing an article on The Global Citizen Project. I’m very much looking forward to the interview. Also, I wrote a blog post for Volunteering Travel, which should go live very soon. I’ll keep you posted of my (ahem)cyber media appearances and promise to post links when articles are live on the internet.

Lastly, I committed to volunteering for Karikuy, a tourism company geared towards humantitarian efforts in Lima, Peru for two-and-a-half weeks in July 2010. I’ll be part of a writing project to promote Peru and its culture (Perupedia). Airline tickets have been secured (thanks to an abundance of American Airlines’ frequent flyer miles). I have faith that The Global Citizen Project will get fully funded ($20K by February 22, 2010), but if for some reason it doesn’t, I’m 100% committed to this project on my own dime. (But it would be really nice if it did happen, so please donate whatever you are able.)

Sending big cyber hugs out into the universe...xo

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