14 December 2009

xo and high fives

There are some virtual high fives that need to go out this fine Monday night. But first, The Global Citizen Project is 11% funded with 69 days to go. In dollars and cents, that means $2,256 has been pledged as of this post. I still have a long way to go to reach the $20K goal by February 22, 2010, but am confident I can make it happen with your help. So, please, if you like what I'm doing, help spread the word.

Now, back to the thanks...

Thank you, Sasha Peakall of On UR Way Travel for donating advertising space on her site to help drive donations to The Global Citizen Project. That was awfully sweet of you! I appreciate your support and look forward to the January launch of On UR Way E-Magazine.

Thank you Susan and Sean G. for your pledge. Susan is interconnected into my world on several fronts: she's my former roommate from back in the Philly days (our Art Museum area apartment was nothing short of spectacular), BFF to my ex-high school sweetheart, and oddly enough, her husband also went to my high school (even though Sue grew up on Long Island). Even more Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is that Sean's sister, Liz is also a writer (young adult novels) and lives within spitting distance in Seattle. She's also one of the funniest human beings you will ever cross paths with. Ever.

Thank you Sarah and Matt A. for your pledge. I met Sarah, publicist extraordinaire, while living in Monterey, CA. Shortly thereafter, she and her husband made a move to the Bay Area and she's been singing San Francisco's praises ever since. (She also got a really cool job working for Blast Outdoors, a firm that's all about the outdoor lifestyle.)

Also, thanks to Tammy and Julie for making the schlep across the Canadian/U.S. border to come spend some time in Seattle this past weekend. It always blows my mind how as little as 24-hours in the company of good friends can have the restorative powers of a full-blown vacation. (Plus, I really love entertaining for houseguests and showing off Emerald City.) Thank you, Julie, for sharing your South Africa travel stories/experiences and for brainstorming possible collaborative efforts.

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