04 December 2009

nailing details down

Since I'm all about details and organization (Julie the Cruise Director has nothing on me), here are the 12 areas of volunteer service that intrigue me most. Of course, if a community service opportunity comes up that is too good to pass up, I'll certainly consider it.

In the meantime, here are the 12 areas that have the most personal meaning to me:

Animal Rescue/Humane Shelter-related projects
Children/teen projects
Writing/Social Media/Marketing
Heath Education/Outreach
Outdoors/nature (i.e.; parks, forest, etc.)
Hunger-related projects
Reef/Ocean-related projects
Sustainable Agriculture/Farming
Women-related projects (especially if involves women with cancer)

Any thoughts? If you come up with a better idea, I'm all ears. Let's talk.

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