29 December 2009

making commitments

I'm in end-of-the-year mode, trying to wrap up several projects, check off items still lingering on the "To Do" list and gear up for the final 54 days of fundraising for The Global Citizen Project. Planning this project has been a work in progress, evolving as I go along with your help, suggestions and insights. Thank you.

Since I'm guessing some people may not be keen to the idea of pledging to community volunteer projects to-be-determined, I'm trying to confirm and commit to which programs I most want to work with if The Global Citizen Project meets its $20K goal by February 22, 2010. I just broke the $3K mark, but still have a long way to go -- $16,944 to be exact. As of this moment, I've committed to three of the 12 volunteer projects and I'm currently in communcation with six others. Fingers crossed I can get details squared away with those organizations right after the new year. That leaves three projects left to nail down and I have a general idea of what and where I'd do and go for those blank spaces on my service dance card.

So far, here's what I have in mind for my 12 volunteer projects:

Project/program: Karikuy
Destination: Lima, Peru
Cause: blogging/social media for Perupedia

Project/program: Building a Future
Destination: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Cause: educational and social development of underprivileged children

Project/program: GeoVisions
Destination: Costa Rica
Cause: teach English/tutor 9-14 year old children in underprivileged school/community

Project/program: Reef Care CuraƧao
Destination: CuraƧao, Netherland Antilles
Cause: marine conservation
(waiting to confirm)

Project/program: Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza
Destination: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Cause: abandoned/abused children
(waiting to confirm)

Project/program: Cocoon House
Destination: Everett, Washington
Cause: guest chef/preparing meals for homeless youth
(waiting to confirm)

Project/program: Volunteer Las Tolas
Destination: Las Tolas, Ecuador
Cause: environmental conservation
(waiting to confirm)

Project/program: Sleeping Children Around the World
Destination: TBD
Cause: provide bed kits to needy children
(waiting to confirm)

Project/program: UNICEF
Destination: TBD
Cause: children’s health/outreach
(waiting to confirm)

Three projects TBD: Looking for one in Europe, one that is parks/public lands related, and one more that I'm hoping I'll learn of via word-of-mouth. If you have any ideas for volunteer projects that may fit the criteria bill (or not), I'm all ears. Please feel free to email me or comment.

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