28 December 2009

where does the money go?

Why is The Global Citizen Project budgeted to cost $20,000 (or $1666 per month)? Good question. These funds will be used to cover the costs associated with my participation in 12 different volunteer projects in 12 different countries over a 12 month period of time, including:

• Air transportation (will use personal frequent flyer miles when possible)
• Ground transportation
• Room and meals (as necessary)
• Volunteer program fees (seeking low-cost/free opportunities whenever possible)
• Comprehensive travel insurance
• Comprehensive check-up with a travel doctor, plus required/recommended immunizations

This figure is about one third of my usual income (pre-recession), so it’s my intent to live as frugally as possible for the one year period. I plan to focus my energies solely on the 12 volunteer projects, instead of chasing down freelance assignments and filing unrelated deadlines from the road. Instead, I want to share my experiences via Twitter, Facebook and my blog, The Global Citizen Project (all non-paying forums).

Obviously, the volunteer projects expenses will vary, but I should have a better idea of firm monthly budgets once all 12 plane tickets are booked, program fees are paid and I account for room and meals costs. If excess funds are available, I will donate supplies as needed to each of the destinations. I typically take a suitcase of school supplies, peanut butter pouches and hats, socks and mittens when I travel to places in need, so this just means I can bring more : )


Una said...

From reading your project it looks like you want everyone else to pay for your 'volunteer' program around the world. If this estimated cost is one third of your normal salary why not pay for it your self by working and setting aside the money.

Charyn Pfeuffer said...

Yes, I am asking people to fund the logistics of 12 volunteer projects in 12 countries around the world. I am volunteering my time (unpaid for a minimum of two weeks each month for one year), talent and platform as a journalist to bring attention to these causes and communities via my editorial outlets and social media networks. I believe the positive change and awareness I can bring to 12 communities and to my far-reaching audience is worth well beyond $20,000. I will still need to cover my expenses at home during this one year period and that will be solely out of my limited savings. I do not plan on freelancing while I am serving these communities, so I can be fully present and involved with the projects at hand. As it is, I live quite modestly and realistically, it would quite some time for me to save $20,000, which is why I am asking for people to pledge this project. I feel an immediate need to give back to the people and places that have given me so much throughout my career as a travel journalist and bring attention to these causes and communities. I am contributing every little bit I can to make this project happen, but I cannot do it alone, which is why I am reaching out for help. So far, 36 others have felt likewise and have pledged The Global Citizen Project and I thank every one of these people for their support.

Barnaby said...

Glad I contributed, feels like money well spent. I look forward to reading about your accomplishments over the year.