29 December 2009

aww, shucks. the global citizen project is a "top blog/organisation" on On UR Way Travel

Wow. (Blush.) The Global Citizen Project is mentioned as one of Sasha Peakall, Founder of On UR Way Travel's "Top Blogs and Organisations" in her Travel for Change post. I'm in mighty fine company with Volunteer Global, World Youth International, Inspired Adventures, and i-to-i Life Changing Travel. If you want to learn how to contribute when you travel, this article is a good reminder of that it isn't all that difficult to be part of positive change.

I'm also pleased as punch that Sasha will be featuring The Global Citizen Project in the debut issue of On UR Way Emag coming out in January 2010. Of course, I will be sure to post that link the second it's live. Thanks again Sasha and On UR Way Travel for your support of The Global Citizen Project. It really means a lot to me. xo

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