07 December 2009

top five tuesday. vote for my honduras volunteer project tomorrow.

My apologies for being uncharacteristically quiet today. Monday’s are always tricky with deadlines and a late (but festive, fun and delicious) dinner soiree last evening didn’t help with the get-up-and-go efforts this morning.

It's been another great day for The Global Citizen Project (76 days to go!) and the positive feedback and generous pledges keep rolling in. Thank you so much to everyone who's pledged, passed the word along, or taken a few minutes to read my blog. I need all the collaborative love I can get to make this project happen and I appreciate every single contribution.

Here are some of the people who've helped today:

Gadling, one of my fave travel blogs, retweeted information about The Global Citizen Project today. I especially love getting online love from people, places and peers I resepct the heck out of. So, thanks!

I received a generous $100 pledge from Cathey, the writer gal and wanderluster behind the blog Mischief & Impermanent Bliss (thoughtful writing, music musings and beautiful travel pix). She has a Peruvian background, a penchant for Latin America, specifically Peru, and if she lived in the PacNW, I have a feeling we'd hang out and have all sorts of writerly fun. Just saying.

I was also contacted by Sasha Peakall, the founder of OnURWayTravel, a site geared towards encouraging young travelers to explore the world. She’s launching a new e-magazine in January 2010 and plans to feature an article on The Global Citizen Project. Thak you, Sasha! Looking forward to it. I am all about encouraging young minds to participate in the world wide classroom and embrace volunteer travel.

Lastly, do you know what tomorrow is? It's the day when my top five volunteer projects in Honduras are posted on the Visit Honduras Facebook Fan Page and you get to vote for which one I participate in. The winning project will be announced next week, so please take a second to learn about this worthwhile organizations and programs and tell me what you think. Once the projects are officially announced, I promise to Tweet information about each of the programs (so if you're not following me on Twitter, please do @global_gourmet). Thanks!

That wraps it up for this chilly Monday night. I'm going to make some tea, situate myself in front of the fireplace and write for the night. Here's hoping everybody's week is off to a good start!

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