02 December 2009

big news tomorrow. here's a clue.

Drum roll, please and break out your pom poms if you got 'em. Tomorrow morning, I'll announce the details of a very cool collaborative effort I'm in cahoots with with one of my favorite Latin America countries (my first Latin Americam travel destination love, actually). The promotion will determine where I volunteer within this wonderful country and what project I'll particpate in.

I'm a fearless travel writer willing to take on pretty much any terrain, so if there's a specific cause that you feel needs some volunteer love, please let me know. I want The Global Citizen Project to be an interactive, community driven experience, and yes, I'm all ears for volunteer project and destination suggestions. I'm all about give and take, comments and feedback.

Hasta maƱana, here's a visual clue about the country I'm talking about.

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