11 December 2009

next week: i'm a blogger in a paradise

TwI have some non-The Global Citizen Project related, but still very cool news. This past week, I was selected as one of “Nine Bloggers in Paradise,” thanks to the brilliant marketing minds behind Paradise by Marriott (@diamondpr). Paradise by Marriott has seven properties throughout the Caribbean and Mexico and effective Wednesday afternoon, I will swap my Smart Wool socks for warm, toasty sand and SPF (the high temperature today in Seattle was 38F˚) and blog from CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa. I haven’t received my itinerary quite yet, but have been told that my 3-night/4-day south of the border stay includes a tequila tasting guided by a sommelier-esque expert, early morning whale watching (‘tis the season), dinner at the chef’s table, a spa treatment at the hotel’s brand new 21,000 sq. ft. spa (I’m no size queen, but that is huge in spa speak) and oh yes, plenty of time to soak up some sorely missed Vitamin D. Big thanks to Marriott Resort for saving me, at least for a brief respite, from Seattle's wintery weather. Whew.

I promise I’ll continue to blog about every new development on The Global Citizen Project scene, but if you’re so inclined to play travel voyeur (or maybe just need some vicarious cyber sun), follow the adventures of all nine bloggers at #blogparadise on Twitter. Of course, you know where to find me on Twitter (@global_gourmet).

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