03 December 2009

honduras community project suggestions (so far)

As you know, Visit Honduras is helping The Global Citizen Project figure out which Honduran community project to participate in in 2010. The way it works is between now and midnight on Monday, December 7th, fans of Honduras Institute of Tourism's Facebook Fan Page are chiming in on what programs and organizations they deem worthy. I'm going to do some research and whittle the list down to my top five contenders. Then, the fans will get to vote and choose which project I will serve. Everyone has a say in what I do, so please don't hold back -- I want to hear from you.

Right now, here are the organizations in Honduras that have been suggested so far. Click on any of these to link to their website. If you cross paths with a community project you like, please leave a comment on the Fan Page before Monday, and then check back to vote for the final project.

Thanks again for taking an interest in my project. I'm delighted that you made a quick cyber stop on my blog!

Here you go:

Building a Future
Clinica Esperanza
Club de Safio
Cristo Salva
Hands to Honduras
Honduras Outreach, Inc.
Robinell Mission Enterprises
SonLight Power, Inc.
The LAMB Institute

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