15 December 2009

it's official. building a future is the honduran community project winner!

The results are in and after a week of voting for which community volunteer project I'll work with in Honduras, 49% of you voted for Building a Future!

Big thank yous to everyone who took the time to peek at the five final contenders and vote, Visit Honduras for playing along on this interactive adventure, and new friends I've met during the voting process via the fantastic world of social media.

Fingers (and toes) crossed that The Global Citizen Project gets fully funded by February 22, 2010 so I can go to Tegucigalpa and make this volunteer project a reality. Right now, I'm at $2,281 (11%) and have 69 days to go. So, please, if you want to help send me to Tegucigalpa, consider making a small donation. Every little bit counts. Thank you and have a great Tuesday!

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