08 December 2009

the top five picks for my honduran community project are in. please vote.

Alright! Let the real fun begin. My top five picks for which community projects to volunteer with in Honduras as part of The Global Citizen Project are posted on the Visit Honduras Facebook Fan Page and it's up to you to vote which one I will participate in.

Since I know you probably don't have spare time play Nancy Drew and investigate what each of these organizations does, I've made it easy for you with a quick blurb about each one and link to its website (if you wish to learn more - I strongly encourage you to do so). Thank you again for all the project suggestions! I really appreciate your input and collaboration on this project. Each and everyone project suggested is a worthwhile endeavor and it was tricky to narrow it down to only five. I am confident that no matter which project you choose for me, that it will make a huge impact in the community it serves. So thank you, please vote, and if you feel inclined, pass the word along.

Here are the five Honduran community project contenders:

Building a Future
It is Building a Future's mission is to transform communities by promoting the educational and social development of underprivileged children in Honduras.

Honduras Outreach, Inc.
Honduras Outreach is a non-denomination, Christian organization dedicated to building life-changing relationships between the people of the Olancho department of Honduras and caring North Americans and other nationalities. The Honduran government had previously identified Olancho as an area with one of the highest concentrations of infant mortality, and poverty. The median rural family income is less than $400 and 68 of 1,000 children die before reaching age five.

Clinica Esperanza
Specializes in providing health care to the people of Sandy Bay and surrounding areas. They serve 1,000 patients per month; 60% are children. They rely on 150+ volunteers annually to help operate their 4,500 sq. ft. facility.

Hands to Honduras
The Hands to Honduras Tela Program is a partnership program bringing together North American and Honduran communities to provide educational, technical, cultural, and humanitarian assistance to the Atlántida coastal region.

Helping Honduras Kids
Helping Honduras Kids' mission is to improve the lives of orphaned, abandoned, abused and/or neglected children on the North Coast of Honduras.

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